Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Evening Art

There was a well attended opening reception for a new show at the Willits Center for the Arts last Saturday night.


Hilda said...

Interesting artwork, especially the installation at the corner. Kind of creep too, though. And for a minute there, I thought the window was part of the exhibit, lol!

What fascinates me most, though, is the stringed instrument. Oh, I was going to ask what it's called but I just enlarged it and you had it titled dulcimer. I'd love to have heard it.

Kelly said...

What a great space this is. Lovely gallery! The art is really well done.

USelaine said...

Thanks, both of you. The art from the three artists all had a dreamlike surrealism. I'm glad I fooled you with that window - I couldn't resist framing the shot with it that way.

You know, I called it a dulcimer, and I think it's a dulcimer, but there's a chance it is something else. I think it is used in Balkan or Russian music. We should both look it up on wikipedia for a better idea.

USelaine said...

Ah, found it: Hammered Dulcimer

And as you'll see, forget Russia and the Balkans. It's used in a lot of places though.