Saturday, September 27, 2008

California Native American Day: More Photos

These dancers were from the Lake county band of Pomo, visiting to perform at the Sherwood Valley Rancheria ceremonial grounds.

Frybread is made from a wheat flour dough, and is a common staple found widely at American Indian events. It has a thick but puffy texture, and is fried in oil. If you can imagine something halfway between some Asian Indian flat breads, and a Mexican flour tortilla, this might be it. I first tried it at a roadside restaurant on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. The woman on the left, below, is holding some fried seaweed, gathered from the Pacific Ocean shore.

I didn't hear where this second group of Pomo dancers came from.


Babzy said...

It's really interesting thank you :)

jeffry helms said...

An Ioway sioux says the Pomo are great!!

Kana said...

in the 1st second and 6th picture the girl in the purple dress is me :) and i dance with Elem Pomo Colony

USelaine said...

Thanks, Kana, for commenting and filling in that information! I'm glad you found these photos. These were extra photos I posted here so I wouldn't have too many on the original blog post on Willits Daily Photo:
I think that's you again in the larger picture!