Sunday, November 9, 2008

Evidence: The Scenery


Hilda said...

Love the first photo!

Sigh. You live in such a lovely place. We have to drive three hours to get away from Manila's concrete.

Ron Bloomquist said...

I'd drive one hour to join you in a walk and gawk photo shoot!

Set up a time and let me know!

USelaine said...

Hilda - That first one was what I stopped the truck for originally. It was lovely to see.

Ron - Hey! That would be fun! You are in a lot better condition than I am, and I don't do morning. I'm allergic to them. But if you can stand for those conditions, it would be great fun!

Petrea said...

Oh, there is a visit in the offing. I must, I must, I must. These are gorgeous.