Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barra Vinyards

I was in Redwood Valley, at Barra Vineyards, a few weeks ago for a dinner event, so once again I bring you images outside of the scope of Willits Daily Photo for a change. Commercial vineyards haven't made their way to us up in Little Lake Valley, to the north, yet. That might change with the climate.

I don't know if the buds on the last picture above are unopened flowers, or if those are the beginnings of the grapes themselves, but I liked the glancing evening light upon them. The off and on late spring rains can make a huge impact on various fruit crops, which depend on well timed sunshine and unfettered bees. I hope all is well for the grapes.


Anonymous said...

Impressive size on the vines. I wonder how old they are. Did you ever see the giant grape vine at the San Gabriel Mission?

You can't see it but I've just completed a fabulous Jackson Palm.

Ron Bloomquist said...

I'm on a blue kick today and liked your photo of the wine glasses!


USelaine said...

PA - I don't think we ever visited that mission, sad to say. I'm sure the padres grew grapes wherever they could, and I'll look into it if I ever get back down there. Is your palm in ceramic? (maybe that's a dumb question...)

Ron - The daylight does look blue when it meets incandescent as it did here. Thanks for checking it out!

Palm Axis said...

Heres a link to an old post card of the mission vine. The vine is still alive and it's huge

Not a ceramic palm. I was playing with your Jackson Pollock sidebar wigget