Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Big Feet Taking the Heat

I've posted a lizard on a rock before, but this little guy impressed me with his oversized feet - like a puppy with a long way to grow. He spread himself on this warm rock, leaching the last energy he could get as the sun went down.


Hilda said...

Cute! I think I want to be sunbathing with him right now!

And I'm glad to see you're still posting for theme days too :)

raf said...

I too am happy to see your theme day post, Elaine and your unique take on the subject. Seems to me the CDP community has had a lot of fun with the foots :)

USelaine said...

Thanks Hilda. He looked so relaxed, even though I stood over him for a while. Thanks again.

Raf - Thanks for checking it out, in this out-of-the-way blog. I've enjoyed seeing all the feet too, but I don't link to the portal any more. I just sort of follow in spirit now.