Sunday, June 27, 2010

Water Works

I've been curious for years about this facility on the east side of US101 down in Ukiah. I took the tiny "River St." exit last time, to give it a closer look. I suppose I hoped for a little more deco detail, but a fresh coat of paint would do it a world of good - maybe a darker contrast on those moldings. The monumental lettering deeply satisfies. It probably houses a pump to draw water from the nearby Russian River.


Petrea said...

I'm not sure I'd want to see it painted. I guess I like my old things to stay old. I like the fact that all they had to do was put up a concrete building but they put a little bit of pretty detail on it anyway.

USelaine said...

I hear ya on the authenticity of old stuff, but it looks like it could be a gem with new paint. I agree, we've lost that time of superfluous detail (credit to you for that phrase) that made all the difference to structures like these.