Monday, July 26, 2010

The Road Home

A section of the road to my Mom's house, where I've seen a mountain lion a couple of times. The biggest trees were logged out of here a decade or two ago, leaving younger redwoods to filter the late day sunlight.


Dina said...

You saw a mountain lion??
This is a lovely wild place.
I wish we had trees so tall.

USelaine said...

Yup, right there, about ten years ago. It was about as far as the end of the dirt you see from here.

The other time was about twelve years ago, at night. The mountain lion jumped across the road, right in front of my headlights, about twenty feet away. Very dramatic.

Petrea said...

It looks like your mother lives in a remote place. I may have a romantic idea of what that's like, but I love it.

USelaine said...

It is remote. Her father lived there before her, and we used to visit him when I was a kid. This started as a Pomo trail, then a horseback track, then a stagecoach route. After that, the only improvements have been drainage cuts and gravel.

Petrea said...

It sounds idyllic. I hope you'll keep it in the family.