Monday, March 4, 2013

Frank Grasse Dog Park

Named for a local veterinarian, this dog park is the most recent development in the community resource corridor along East Commercial Street in Willits. Comprised of two separate enclosures, it sits between the Roots of Motive Power display and demonstration area, and the skate park. Even in a rural community, a public space for non-farmers is a welcome opportunity to socialize whether you have four legs or two. The late Dr. Grasse wrote a popular book of vet stories under the pseudonym Charlie Freed .


Dina said...

A dog park, and to name it for a vet--nice ideas. Good on ya, Willits.

Petrea Burchard said...

Dog park! The grass cannot be kept nice, but it doesn't matter. Dogs don't care for "nice."

USelaine said...

Thanks, you two. Even in the country, it seems it is a welcomed amenity. P., looks like they laid a carpet of pea-gravel on purpose. I suspect it helps keep the mud at bay.