Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Newgrass" Festival and BBQ with Joe Craven

Just a salad of images from a hot afternoon in a shady park (Recreation Grove), with great food and fun music.

The event went from 2 to 8pm, but I caught Isaac Frankel and Joe Craven (of the David Grisman Quintet) as I chowed down on a BBQ'd brisket sandwich and a cherry shaved ice. YUM!


Hilda said...

It was the shaved ice that grabbed my attention immediately ;)

Looks like there was something for everyone. Fun! Hope you had a grand time!

DUTA said...

I like salads , and your "salad of images" is quite tasty and colorful.

USelaine said...

Hilda, the shaved ice was just the thing, and the cherry syrup was surprisingly good - tart and flavorful, not just sugar. It was a fun place to be.

DUTA - Thanks for visiting and commenting!