Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remote Property

A couple of months ago, I took a drive around a road I'd never been on before, leading into the southwest hills of the Outlet Creek drainage (Little Lake Valley). Still not as many scenic views as I hoped, especially not with adequate turnouts. I discovered a nice spot with horses, labeled "Government Property"- no more specific than that, which seemed suspicious. Most agencies identify themselves. Anyway, I stayed on the road.


Hilda said...

Looks like our definitions of what constitutes 'scenic' is very different. These are very scenic to me! :)

Dina said...

Government horses?
Do they still have the Cavalry?

pasadenaadjacent said...

i like the pinto

Petrea said...

That top one is perfection. I could live there, if the government would let me. I'd probably need a horse, though.

USelaine said...

Well, Hilda, for as far as I drove that day, I was expecting more clear views than these few shots! It was nice to finally find this location, wherever it was.

Dina - I have no idea! As you can see, it didn't say what agency or even what level of government this supposedly belongs to. Maybe it's a foreign government, huh?

Petrea - That little pier made it look like a swimming hole, but I didn't see anyone around. Very mysterious. PA likes the pinto, so you get the red one.

Thanks, dear sisters, for your visits.