Friday, January 1, 2010


It refreshes the soul to look at the first day of January as a new beginning. I've heard that the concept of perpetual fresh slates, even late in life, is a noted peculiarity of American culture. But I can't help but think all humanity hopes for a better day, a "cleansing of sins", and the opportunity to reach for our better selves even to our last breath. My heart goes out to all who seek peace and justice in the world, at home and abroad.

At Christmas, my mom and I took a walk in part of the woods where understory fires were lit last summer to control the perimeter of the larger, hotter wildfires coming close to her home. The profusion of young green shoots at the base of the scorched redwoods holds the promise of a better future to come.

Happy New Year!


Dina said...

A wonderful illustration for your message.
May you and your mom walk peacefully through the woods for many new years to come
Shalom and love to you, Elaine.

Babzy said...

I wish you a happy new year too ;)

Petrea said...

As one who lives so near to the Station Fire's damage, this is extremely heartening. Thanks, and happy new year to you.

USelaine said...

Dina, thank you for the kind blessings, both here and in your enduring friendship.

Babzy, I remember your first comments here, and your wonderful photos of Iceland. I'm glad you continued with France.

Petrea, we share so many connections, and I'm comforted by your friendship as well. 2010 will be so much better for everyone, and I'm looking forward to great changes.