Thursday, December 31, 2009

Victorian with a View

It's been on the market a while, and the location is just above the uptown parking lot with its fresh tree planters and cleaned up appearance. In fact, I took this picture a year ago, and the signs are still there, and the place looks much the same. If I could afford it, I'd probably go a little nuts with colorful trim paint.

5 comments: said...

Happy New E!

come that house!

You know you want it and your worth it!!

Shantaram said...

Elaine: Just a quick note to wish you the very best for 2010 - have a great year!

Hilda said...

It's a beauty and I'm surprised that no one has bought it yet. Too expensive?

Wishing you and your family a new year blessed with peace, joy, love, prosperity and good health.

USelaine said...

PA, I wish I had any kind of money to put down on anything, but thank you for the sentiment! Happy New Year!

Shantaram, Thank you so much for visiting here, all the way from beautiful Chennai! Happy New Year!

Hilda, I'm a little surprised too, but it may have structural problems that most people would not want to have to work on. That's only a guess. This style is more than 100 years old. And I wish you all such blessings as well! You are a true gift to the City Daily Photo Blog community, and are so kind to continue your visits here. Happy New Year!

Petrea said...

If it's been waiting for a buyer for a year, they'll be willing to make you a great deal--especially if there are structural problems and you're still willing to take it off their hands. Lookin' ain't buyin', as my husband always says. You can ask. Maybe what this sweet house is waiting for is you.