Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Skunk Train

I can't help but look at the lines.


Petrea said...

I love that you made sure we saw that yellow cable in the top photo.

I think of your style as focused on simplicity. You tend to hone in on a detail or set of juxtaposed details. You like a clean picture without a lot of fuss. You like things straight, even symmetrical (but not necessarily so).

This gives us purity. We're not looking at the whole train, we're looking at the rust, the seam, the rivets, the R, the paint. That's plenty.

It is also serene.

When you do show us the train, we now see it with its details as well as in its wholeness.

I should speak for myself.

Analyzing your photos teaches me. It's good to put it into words.

USelaine said...

Petrea, you are so lovely. Thank you for this. I'm speechless.

Petrea said...

Next one'll be a crowd scene full of Christmas decorations and I'll be wrong.

USelaine said...

Well, now the pressure is on! ;^)

Petrea said...