Saturday, December 19, 2009

Skunk Train Depot at Christmastime

Predictably, more trains. The Skunk line is running a full schedule for the Christmas season.



Petrea said...

What a wonderful bunch of shots. My faves: the last two.

Dina said...

Yes indeed, fun shots.
Those two women greeters are funny.

USelaine said...

P, that cat was so Cheshire-like. Didn't really see it at first.

D, the women would soon be boarding the train as part of the entertainment for the families.

I still have never taken a ride on the Skunk, but I had fun obsessing on compositions. I seem to be doing the same sorts of images, over and over, but can't seem to stop. Scary. Next batch should prove my point.

Petrea said...

I never noticed any kind of repetition in your work unless you want to call it a style. I have been feeling lately that I'm getting repetitive; I'm attracted to tunnels, paths, and shooting toward light rather than having it behind me.

I'll see if I can see what you mean in your next batch but I'll probably just admire them as usual.