Thursday, February 24, 2011

Albion Little River Fire Department

Amazing that so many Americans still depend on volunteers to save the day.


Petrea said...

Sometimes makes you want to keep things like small towns a secret.

USelaine said...

I feel for these institutions though. They have to fundraise for equipment and training. The hazards are many and the distances long. I really admire them.

Also, *shhhhh*. 8^)

Petrea said...

Yeah. If you want them to shh it keeps their fundraising circle small. But if not, no shh.

Brad said...

This Photo is misleading. This station houses two rescue rigs and a ocean going rescue boat. Our district has 5 more apparatus housings. We currently operate 4 rescue trucks, two of which are pumpers, four engines (two type 3s, one type 2 and one type 1) three water rescue vessels and two water tenders. Our district at this time is staffed by 36 volunteer firefighters.

-8101 Assistant Chief Albion Little RIver Fire