Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Treehouse Can Beat Up Your Treehouse

Just in my lifetime, some of the redwood trees near my mom's house have doubled in size, but as a kid they seemed big enough to be awe inspiring. In my memory, our treehouse in a redwood tree seemed like it was half way to the top. But if I peek under the branches, I see that it was just a few platform boards and a roof, about twenty feet high. You can barely spot it above and to the left of the old ladder. We completed the climb using the giant branches.

A castle is where a child finds it.


Leslie R. Lee said...

Beautiful shots

Dina said...

Wow wow, I can't even imagine!
Growing up in Chicago I could only dream of such nature and size.
Great pictures. Lucky you to grow up in and with such giant trees.

Petrea said...

Yeah, yours wins.