Monday, March 16, 2009

Butt Scratching

This was a photo I took last spring that never made it to Willits Daily Photo in the right season. This horse was wagging his butt side to side against the heavy wire fence, scratching an itch. O'Leary's Feed is out on Willits-Hearst Road just east of town.


Hilda said...

LOL! Everybody needs to scratch an itch!

USelaine said...

This guy (or gal) was really leaning into it too! And the rhythm could have been to music.

Petrea said...

Ah, it reminds me of my DeKalb days. I "raised" horses as a kid. (We rented a stall in a neighbor's barn.) Horses can be ingenious when it comes to satisfying an itch.

My WV is "surminal." I like it.

Virginia said...

Crack me up E! This is just great.