Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congressman Listening

Last May, Rep. Mike Thompson, seated on the far left up by the chalkboard, was in Willits for a few meetings, like this one in the community room of the Willits Library. If I recall correctly, the notes on the chalkboard were to do with forestry issues. Law enforcement reps were there as well, so any number of related issues could have been involved. After Obama secured the Democratic nomination and possible cabinet appointments were starting to be floated, Thompson was apparently shortlisted for Secretary of the Interior. He's a centrist Democrat, and leftist protesters will sometimes picket his field offices over various issues.


Kim said...

Fun to see into this meeting. I like knowing representatives meet with constituents even when its not campaign time. Looks like they are getting some real business done or at least communicating.
Miss you, and hope you are having a good day.

USelaine said...

Thanks Kim! I hope all is good there in lovely Seattle as well.

Petrea said...

I like seeing this, too. I'm a lefty, but I can see why centrists are good for the country. Too far left or too far right doesn't represent enough of a majority, and it's not all about ME, is it?

So, were you peeking?

USelaine said...

I was peeking, yes. It was a working meeting with invited people only, but not necessarily "secret". A reporter must have been there, because it was reported in the paper later.

And it is about you, P., but I don't want you to be paranoid. 6^)

Petrea said...