Monday, March 30, 2009


The adoption/co-option of President Obama into every niche of liberal culture continues. I was amused to see this little poster behind the counter at Mendonesia a few weeks ago. This coffee/sandwich/smoothie house now offers free WiFi, and is open until 10pm. Shanachie's Pub cuts off the WiFi at 8pm, and J.D. Redhouse closes at 6, so this is a good development. When my very first mobile device arrived, an iPod Touch, this is where I went to test its connectivity for the first time. Fun!


Kim said...

So fun, this find of yours.
The WiFi 'til 10 is wonderful. I know when my DSL modem died recently I was scrambling to find some hot spot somewhere open after midnight.

Virginia said...

Love the poster and this nice photo E. Miss you! Glad I can still stop by and check out your stuff.

USelaine said...

Kim - I forgot to mention that our branch library has WiFi 24/7, but after hours people just sit in their cars in the parking lot with screens glowing up in their faces. Cozy comfort won't be such an issue in a few weeks or so. 8^)

V - Thanks for checking back. Even though I'm not "enrolled" on CDPB with this blog, I think I'll post some yellow tomorrow.

Petrea said...

John loves his iPod. I wonder if you'll become an addict? He records favorite noises with it, among other things.

USelaine said...

P, I got that software that Step Kardos uses, Brushes. When my eyes can't see the fine print, I play with that instead. It could take over if I remembered my glasses.