Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dumpster Collection

These assembled dumpsters almost look like lakeside condos at first glance. I had a lot of fun taking photos out in this industrial lot near the solid waste transfer station, but only published one image on Willits Daily Photo.


Kym said...

The sandpile photo made me smile. It looks so absurdly balanced.

USelaine said...

Kym, the top of that point is a favorite perch for ravens, but they flew off the moment I stopped the car. Camera shy.

Hilda said...

A lake and mountains! Perfect location.

Kris said...

What goes in the bins?

Kim said...

Hilda's comment cracks me up! I was going to say how lovely the water reflection is. I am sorry your raven friends left their peak behind when you rolled up, but can sort of imagine it. BTW, do you have ravens down there? We have a lot (and I do mean a lot!) of crows here in Seattle, but hardly any ravens.

USelaine said...

Hilda - Pretty glamorous, huh?

Kris - These are "dumpsters" of the size used by commercial businesses like restaurants to throw their trash. The garbage pickup truck has lifting arms that fit into those sleeves on the sides. Up and over.

Kim - I see more ravens here than crows. Pretty good sized.

Thanks, all.