Sunday, April 26, 2009

True Story: The Poppies

I was over at Ardella's having breakfast (where else?) when Emmy came over to say hello. She's the one with the fresh and clean house I featured a while back, and about which I speculated on what a beautiful blank canvas all that white paint would be for colorful poppies in the right season. She commented on that post: "Those who imagined the poppies should know that in June there is a riot of poppies, irises and roses. After the recent painting, the yard underwent a fall cleaning. Under the window that you do not see are purple and rust crysantemums and purple and orange violas - very colorful for this frosty time of the year."

Well, she said her gardener was working on the yard when she went over there recently. He was just about done, and lo and behold, he had "weeded" up all the new poppy sprouts she was so looking forward to! She said she thought of my blog post, and tears swelled in her eyes! Emmy, it's a beautiful house, and I know you have all sorts of glorious garden surprises in store for us! Don't worry about the poppies! Bless you for telling me what happened!


Hilda said...

I hope she'll let you take another photo of her house with all the flowers! Must look fantastic!

USelaine said...

She is so adorable, Hilda. I will definitely be going back over there for more pictures, and it pains me to think I've caused her any pain. It is a jewel of a place.