Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mystery Solved

Last spring, I took a photo of this lot, wondering about the neatly stacked boxes or drawers standing against an old mechanic's garage. I happened to spot this truckload today, at the same location. The lettering on the door solves the mystery. Only saw a handful of bees buzzing around, but it was enough to convince me.


Dina said...

Ah, bee boxes, of course!

With those colors, they'd fit right in with our coming Israel Independence Day.

Shalom to you, Elaine!

Anonymous said...

I knew it immediately. I have a history with bees (ask Dina) but I must say I've never seen blue boxes.

Hilda said...

If it weren't for the name on the truck, I would have thought they were document boxes!

USelaine said...

Dina - Shalom! To you and PA, I wonder about the color too. I've heard that purple and yellow flowers are usually aiming to attract bee pollinators, and red ones seek birds, but that isn't strict, obviously. It's out of my league.

Hilda - The same for me!