Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grapes in Willits

Ah, well, there they are. Proof that grapes can indeed grow up here in Little Lake Valley. I found these growing deep within a tangle of vines overflowing a fence by a back alley in town. What I have not seen are any commercial vineyards in our immediate area. The production of wine seems to start south of Ridgewood Grade, in Redwood Valley and beyond. The quality required for Mendocino wines is rigorous, with a worldwide reputation to maintain. Our valley may not have sufficient heat, for long enough, at the right times of year, to do the job. The other thing we may not have is enough guaranteed water each year. Vine installation is an expensive investment, and water has to be available for irrigation. But these are still good to see.


Petrea said...

Good to see, yes, at least in your beautiful photo.

Pic on my blog today reminds me of you.

USelaine said...

I saw it, P., and it's gorgeous. 8^)