Monday, September 7, 2009

Quiet Pastime

I spotted a friend of mine enjoying the company of other chess enthusiasts on a recent evening at a local late night eatery. There are so many hidden cohort groups in every little town, and it's nice to see.


Dina said...

And it's nice for us to see what you see.
"Hidden cohort groups" -- that sounds good.

USelaine said...

Thanks Dina. I'm pretty introverted, and have become acquainted with just a few dozen people here, I reckon. But I like discovering how other folks find their commonalities like this. Unfortunately, chess doesn't grab me.

Gail T said...

Hi Elaine,
I was so thrilled to discover your fotos are back. I was sad when you completed your year of blogging, and today I decided to back and look at some of your old fotos - feeling nostalgic for willits in october - and there you were with all these lovely new ones. Keep 'em coming. I only get to willits about once a month during the colder months so I love seeing whats going on, beyond TWN.
thanks! Gail