Sunday, September 20, 2009

Racoon Paws

Saturday brought another big Steam Up of Roots of Motive Power. Every year, progress is evident and additional pieces of equipment are demonstrated. This was the Estep Diesel yarder, sometimes visited by furry friends.


Dina said...

What a combination! So glad you sighted those footprints.

Petrea said...

John says your photo reminds him of this painting. (Sans paws, I presume.)

USelaine said...

Thanks, Dina. I love the signs of life I can find among the cold, thoughtless machines.

Petrea, tell John thanks for that link and flattering comparison. I took hundreds of photos Saturday, and I'm still trying to process the useful ones. The event really is a goldmine for old industry compositions. The Sheeler image I most recall is of an airplane propeller. I think that's how I would paint, if I painted.