Friday, September 18, 2009

Parked Bales

A logging truck loaded with redwood spins past a parked double trailer of baled straw or hay. If you enlarge the close-in picture, you'll see an advertisement for satellite internet service from the business behind. So many households in Mendocino county are so far from high speed cables, that satellite may be their only option. We are rural, you see.


Dina said...

Old and new. Nice how in the era of satellite Internet we still need logs and hay.
Wonderful pictures.
Memories of haying at Heifer Ranch. We would walk after the baler, always on the hottest Arkansas day, and lift and heave the square bales up onto the truck. The heaviest work I've ever done, and the most exhilarating.
Long live rural!

USelaine said...

Thank you, Dina. I still can't tell the difference between straw and feed hay, at least at this scale. Maybe I should have referred to the different fibers on view, but would need fiber optic cable instead of satellites.

I could do with more physical labor in my day - not that I'll ever be lifting bales at this point... ;^)