Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Main Street Change

I'm all for creating access for people needing mobility assistance to get around town. Gradually, existing infrastructure will sport improvements like banked curbs at street crossings or audible walk signals. Privately owned businesses are wise to welcome all the customers they can. On older structures, a certain amount of rebuilding makes all that possible, as with these two doors.

The ramped access replaced a short step-up, lined on its outer edge with ceramic tile. Sadly for me, this improvement came with the sacrifice of one of my favorite art installations; a lovely illusion of koi fish swimming in a shallow pool. I'm glad I got a picture of it last year.


Hilda said...

I hope the artist will agree to paint koi on the new ramp.

USelaine said...

I think that art happened a long time ago (20 years maybe?) so I wouldn't expect a replacement now, at least not from the same artist. But maybe something completely different, for a now different "canvas"? Thanks for the thought, Hilda.