Monday, October 12, 2009

New Shop

The windows of a shop front on the uptown promenade had been painted over for longer than a year, with a scene resembling Little Lake Valley in pastel colors (photographed last year). It was a pleasant enough alternative to seeing a vacant room moldering away. But I was reminded that I need to get over to the business hub more often, when I saw this new clothing boutique already open. Welcome, Stefany's, and good luck!


Petrea said...

I kind of like the old paintings, just for something different. But the way things have been this year, it's heartening to see a new store, isn't it?

USelaine said...

I agree, whoever painted the scene did a really good job. I suspect there may have been some sort of non-retail enterprise going on in there before, but having it open up to the public again sort of raises the vibrancy for everyone. This new place was still bringing in furnishings and inventory, so I think we'll see more lights and action soon. Unfortunately, I don't anticipate finding anything in my size.

Petrea said...

If they're smart they'll cater to the population, as opposed to the Hollywood magazines. It looks like a cute shop, though.