Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn Outdoor Market

Only one more farmer's market will be held out in City Park this season. In November, the market moves indoors, to the lovely Grange building for the winter. I'll miss the beautiful sunlight cast through and beneath the trees.


Petrea said...

Lovely light. Good, though, that you'll get to have your market year-round.

Hilda said...

At least the market will still go on, but I understand about the wonderful sunlight.

Those animal masks are so adorable. Much better than other Halloween masks I've been seeing. I'd love to taste all those homemade spreads too — they're a particular weakness of mine.

Ron Bloomquist said...

Great report. I really like that last photo.


USelaine said...

P, it is good to have it over the winter too. Last year was the first time they tried it, and it worked out well.

Hilda, there were more masks higher up too. The home-made felt looked like it would be nice and warm for outdoor mischief.

Ron, good to see you back from all your wilderness adventuring!