Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Young Meet the Old

Many of the Roots volunteers and enthusiasts have been older men, and several have died in the past year. The everyday working machines they remembered as boys are now rare relics to be saved. Without an infusion of young, curious minds to inspire, the soul of these iron horses could be lost. It was great to see some young families exploring the steam-up displays.


Petrea said...

Fun shots. We have a bunch of old trains in a museum nearby. I've never been. Maybe I'll go get a look at it, it's in Griffith Park near Burbank.

Hilda said...

That is wonderful to see. We always need young ones to continue our traditions and culture. But it looks like at least one of them can't stand the noise! ;)

Many, many thanks for your thoughts and concern for us this past week, Elaine. With the disasters that besieged the region just days apart, it looks like recovery will be a slow, hard climb.

USelaine said...

P, I only have the vaguest memory of Griffith Park. I seem to recall lots of eucalyptus trees.

The nice thing about the Roots of Motive Power facility is that the stuff isn't all restored yet, so lots of it still has luscious rust and decay. Great fun.

Hilda, I remember how tender my hearing was at that age, and the adults seemed to be mystified by my suffering at the time. But what I lost in early hearing, I gained in getting to "drive" my grandfather's tractor.

It seems the storms just aren't stopping in the western Pacific. I hope you remain safe, and that enough resources find their way to everyone in need.

Thank you both for stopping by.