Monday, October 5, 2009

Old Albion School

My grandfather taught at this schoolhouse from about 1928 to 1942. It had several classrooms, but they primarily used the one looking out to the ocean, on the left, for all the students together. They could look out the windows, at the right times of year, and see whales spouting at sea. He loved radio, the newest media technology of the time, and the class would listen to a scheduled news broadcast several times a week, then discuss the current events.

The building was purchased a number of years ago, and refurbished as a private residence. About five years ago, the owner kindly agreed to let my mom host part of a school reunion event there. I had never seen the inside before, and it was marvelous. The owner had even retained the hallway drinking fountain. I wish I had had a digital camera at the time. For my mother, I'm sure there were all kinds of memories.

The one thing I'm not a big fan of are all the eucalyptus trees on this north side of Albion. It's not a native tree, and local wildlife aren't adapted to utilize it for much other than a perch, but by now I suppose they seem like a tradition. The wooden bridge across the mouth of the river far below is scheduled to be replaced one of these years. I'll miss it, but I suppose my mom missed the one before it, down closer to the river.


Anonymous said...

Like a one room school house. I was schooled in mid century modern

I like the Eucs but then in Pasadena I'm in the rare minority (of one) in wanting to see the Ficus torn out and replaced with native oak.

USelaine said...

Native plants are better for wildlife, but I admit to gardening with some exotics in my own yard.

Yeah, it was essentially a one room school house, even though more rooms were available. It makes a very cool residence. If I had money, that's the sort of thing I'd like to do.